Empire Day!

Lesson: History

During a visit to Chester Records Office as part of their History work, Class 3 discovered that traditionally the school had celebrated Empire Day every year on 24th May.  We decided to resurrect the day but with a modern twist!  What an excellent opportunity for all children to explore British Values!  We began the day (dressed in red, white and blue, of course) with an assembly on British Values, followed up work in classes exploring these in more depth.  We held two compeititions; one for the most British piece of bunting and the second to produce the most British cup cake!  Cook provided us with a British lunch of sandwiches, mini Yorkshire puddings and roast beef and scones and jam, then it was onto the field to play games such as 'pin the crown on the Queen', skipping and to dance around the maypole.

Eccleston Cof E Primary School, Eaton Road, Eccleston, Chester, Cheshire CH4 9HD