At Eccleston Primary School, we aim to support all children to reach their potential.  We recognise that some pupils need additional support and aim to ensure that we provide high quality teaching and support for everyone.

If you feel your child may need additional support or have a Special Educational Need or Disabilty (SEND), please feel free to come into school and talk to the head teacher, Katie Prescott, or SENDCo, Susanne Wearden.  We will work with you to provide the best possible care we can.

For relevant and helpful information regarding SEND, please refer to these documents on our website:

  • SEND School Offer
  • SEND Policy
  • Accessibility Policy

The Cheshire West and Chester Local Offer can be accessed here: 


Sometimes staff at Eccleston will approach you regarding a difficulty that has been identified in learning at school.  Many children have difficulties at some point in their school journey so please don’t worry!  Being on our SEND register does not necessarily mean that your child will need long term support.  Often concerns are raised because of a communication/speech and language issue or because they are struggling in some way with maths or literacy in school.  If your child does have a specific difficulty, staff are likely to recommend that your child takes part in an individual intervention programme to ensure they make better progress.  We are fortunate at Eccleston that we have the time and staff (teachers and teaching-assistants) to provide high quality support.  Whist we often withdraw children from class to give them targeted support, we aim that children are not taken out of maths or literacy lessons so interventions generally take place in the afternoons.  We are also mindful of children’s own passions and interests and try and timetable support to have the least impact possible on favourite lessons.

Children who need extra support, all have a ‘Child Profile’.  This is a form (CWAC school offer) where we will record targets for each term or intervention period and the approaches that will be used.  They will also include an evaluation of the impact of strategies.  This is shared with you as parents/carers.  Staff will also chat to you at parents evenings or at the beginning or end of the day.  You are welcome to ring school to make appointments to discuss your child’s needs and progress at any time.

Sometimes school staff may want to enlist the support of outside agencies who are able to offer more advice and expertise.   Your permission is always sought before we involve any other professionals.

Our aim is that all children, regardless of SEND, are included in all curriculum activities.  Please feel free to come into the school if you have any concerns or comments.  We value your feedback.

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